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We invite dealers and any other persons interested in sales of art works to cooperate with our company. If you want to be our dealer, please, contact us and we will try to give you the most convenient and detailed information like conditions of cooperation, prices, and other kind of data basing on your requests.

The conditions of coordination can be various. For instance, you can receive the art works from us at X0 % discount on terms of 0 % payment in advance or some other payment terms. You can also sell our works using digital images and we will send art works to the address of your customer or to your address after the sale. We try to find individual approach to everyone.

We also consider cooperation propositions that are not connected with art works.

Standard terms of cooperation for some of our departments:

We can cooperate in such directions:
1) You choose artworks from our site and receive definite discount when buy definite quantity of artworks.
We have some galleries, below you will find the wholesale prices for each of them.

As for, :
  • more than 10 drawings - discount 12 for each
  • more than 30 drawings - discount 24 for each
  • more than 50 drawings - discount 32 for each
  • more than 100 drawings - on agreement
  • more than 5 paintings - discount 20 for each
  • more than 10 paintings - discount 30 for each

As for the art works (no matter painting or drawing) from, :
  • more than 10 art works - discount 10 for each
  • more than 20 art works - discount 20 for each
  • more than 30 art works - discount 30 for each
  • more than 50 art works - on agreement

2) You order commission drawings (price would depend on the quantity of the order).
If you are interested in any other projects, please let me know, I would be glad to discuss any idea.

If you want to get individual terms and conditions, please fill the form on our site with detailed description of your propositions.

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